Police Chief. Budgeting Expert. Speaker.

Chief Vaughn is the current Chief of Police at Southport Indiana Police Department.  His success in turning the department around to a self-sustaining police force using minimal tax dollars has drawn national interest to his unique way of running a police department.

Budgeting & Fiscal Responsibility 

Tom has a proven track record in creating responsible budgets, generating non-taxpayer funding, and leadership skills in maintaining a positive environment within departments.  With public scrutiny at an all time high, Tom has been able to succeed in funding, departmental morale, and community support.  Tom is available to speak about his success, and how various programs might be able to be implimented into your department, building on your success.

Ask Tom! 

The (almost) world famous Ask Tom! segment is a community outreach tool in which Tom takes questions from the public and answers them in video format.  Topics range from law enforcement, laws, what can I do, traffic violations, and much more.  This is one of Tom's favorite things to do, it allows him to communicate with the community in a laid back, fun forum.  Have a question for Tom?  Ask Tom!

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